Round table discussion with Galila at FRAC Grand Large on Sunday, May 12th at 4pm

Join Galila for a round table discussion at FRAC Grand Large on Sunday, May 12th at 4pm!

At the invitation of the Friends of the FRAC Grand Large (Dunkerque, FR), Galila Barzilaï will be taking part in the round table discussion ‘Radicalités, des choix qui engagent’ (Radicalities, choices that commit), with Estelle Francès - Co-founder of the Fondation d'entreprise Francès (Senlis and Clichy, FR) and Keren Detton - Director of the FRAC Grand Large.

Together, Galila Barzilaï and Estelle Francès will address the notion of radicalism that runs through their collections, and is reflected in each of their artistic choices. Not yielding to the mirages of the art market, they will question the very nature of these choices that commit them, and how, by exhibiting the works of others, they end up revealing a part of themselves.

We hope to see you there!

Round table ‘Radicalités, des choix qui engagent’ - Sunday 12.05.2024 at 16:00 FRAC Grand Large - 503 Av. des Bancs de Flandres, 59140 Dunkerque, France Free entrance

More information: www.fracgrandlarge.fr

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