22.05.2023 - 21.10.2023

Michael Sperer featured in 'Food' at the Design Museum Holon (Tel-Aviv)

The collective exhibition, “Food,” at the Design Museum Holon (Tel-Aviv, Israel) explores the crucial role of design in shaping the seductive relationship between humans and food. The exhibition features a diverse collection of over 200 works by artists and designers from Israel and around the world, presented through a range of mediums and creative techniques. These include art and design objects, everyday supermarket items, interactive installations, and video works.

The artwork 'Cauliflower' (2010) by Michael Sperer from our collection, will be exhibited on this occasion.

'Food' > 22.05 - 21.10.2023, Design Museum Holon (Tel-Aviv, Israel). More information: www.dmh.org

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