14.09.2023 - 11.02.2024

Brian Dettmer featured in ‘Beyond Words’ at DOX Centre for Contemporary Art (Prague)

Three sculptures of Brian Dettmer, from the collection, will be part of the exhibition Beyond Words at DOX Centre for Contemporary Art (Prague), curated by Michaela Šilpochová. Art and literature keep weaving in new and exciting ways. This exhibition aims to explore some of these inspirations and to show how literary culture finds an echo in the works of visual artists today.

The artworks 'Complete Antique' (2009), 'Universal Ruins' (2016) and 'The New Age' (2018) by Brian Dettmer, from our collection, will be exhibited on this occasion.

"Beyond Words" > 14.09.2023 - 11.02.2024, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art (Prague, Czech Republic) . More info: www.dox.cz

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