16.02.24 - 27.04.24

Amélie Bouvier featured in "Biennale NOVA_XX 2024" at Centre Wallonie Bruxelles (Paris)

We are thrilled to announce that two striking pieces by Amélie Bouvier from our collection, will be presented at the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles in Paris, on the occasion of "Biennale NOVA_XX 2024 - Plurivers & Contingence".

This Biennal is dedicated to artistic, scientific and technological interweaving in feminine and non-binary modes, and in the light of the fourth industrial revolution / 4.0. Forty powerful universes will be deployed according to an archipelagic topography between Paris, Ile-de-France & the PACA region aimed at approaching new epistemes, regenerating regimes of experience and language, and approaching nomadic, hybrid and de-essentialized ontologies. Projects that break free from vector spaces, trace speculative worlds, prefigure probabilities, question agency, and reveal the profiles of artists and researchers who work with the real as a potential to be realized obliquely.

"Biennale NOVA_XX", Centre Wallonie Bruxelles (Paris), 16.02.24 - 27.04.24. More information: cwb.fr

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